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What's in the name?

At Just B we are passionate about the joy that makeup can bring and we want to bring that celebration right to you! From the start we were determined to find a name that perfectly encapsulated our ethos; we don’t think you need to change anything, or hide anything..... you can JUST B!

We are here to make your day easier, we are that nonjudgemental friend who has the perfect solutions that you need. So it felt fitting and poignant that it was a bestie who suggested the name. Including Bina's pet name but also an encouraging call to action; we want you to feel at ease in your own skin!  

The Just B Philosophy

We feel a deep sense of responsibility around the messages that we put out in to the world. We don't offer "fixes" for "flaws". We know you are tired of this narrative, just like we are. 

Instead, we want to show you that we see the beauty in you and we are here to offer you that perfect companion to show that off! We want to hand you that exact something that you've been searching for, that simply helps you express yourself. Whether you want to put your inside mood on the outside, or if you need a pick me up to feel ready for the day or a night out, our makeup is here to empower you.

Our mission is to create smart, multi-dimensional makeup that moulds itself to your needs. From textures to colors to packaging, we have been mindful, thoughtful and focussed on creating a positive impact, in all aspects of what we do. We hope our products bring you joy and simply help to magnify your already glorious personality, face, skin and vibe! 

At Just B:

We See You!

Before we even put our ideas on paper, we were adamant that we didn’t want to pump out needless products into the planet to be mindlessly consumed.


We are proud to have created something that's unique, with colors that we simply couldn’t find anywhere else. We were also determined to cater to the needs of people with our skin tones. Brown-skinned folks have been ignored by the beauty industry for so long that we have gotten used to being on the periphery of the beauty conversation.

For decades, women of color have been forced to mix and match, tweak and layer products to make them work. The message we have unconsciously received all these years is that people that look who like us don’t need to be catered to. It seemed we were invisible.


With Just B, we are so keen to join the global conversation around appreciating all forms of beauty. We want to make it clear that we see you. We appreciate you. We’ve got you - because we are you!

How We Came to Be

Co-founders Bina and Madiha have a ten-year long relationship (which coincidentally started with Madiha and Sean's wedding!) and found their thinking so aligned that this seemed like a dream project to embark on. In February 2020, a short conversation over Instagram started an almost entirely digital process that would become the creation of Just B.


During one of the most challenging times in human history, JUST B has been like a life raft that has helped us feel positive and hopeful. We created custom blends of colors without ever physically visiting our labs in Italy, entirely inventing processes along the way. Watching videos of colors being created in Pakistan and with physical samples to try and match, the labs in Italy sent us back colors that we are so proud of. While we were confined to our homes, our product samples flew all over the world - from America to Italy, Pakistan and UK.


Over months of formulating, mixing and remixing, and then testing on our amazing group of friends and colleagues, we created colors that bring out the beauty of brown skin.

Meet the Team

Our #JustB Crew

Bina Khan

As a respected makeup artist and teacher for more than 25 years, Bina’s unique take on Pakistani bridal makeup has earned her craft a loyal following — the strongest characteristic of which is a celebration of South Asian skin tones. She has been flown all over the world by brides who could not imagine anyone but Bina doing their makeup for their big day.

After recognizing a blank space in the market for cosmetics that worked well with South Asian skin tones, Bina decided to take matters into her own hands. Now that vision is a reality. It's Just B!

Madiha Chan

Madiha Chan is an engineering lead at Google and graduated from UC San Diego and Stanford university with degrees in Computer Science. As a self-starter and avid problem solver, Madiha has never let her hurdles get in the way of her success. It’s no surprise that this creative thinking expands beyond her engineering background.

As a self-proclaimed makeup enthusiast, Madiha has always enjoyed playing with color — but she could never find the shades that worked just right with her South Asian skin tone. Until now!

Sean Chan

Sean Chan is an Engineering Leader at Tally Technologies. When Sean began his education at the UC San Diego, he was unsure of what direction to go in. After finding that the ability to create something out of nothing resulted in the ultimate high, he decided to pursue computer science.

From his interest in hanayama puzzles to his detail-oriented mindset, Sean has never been someone to shy away from a challenge. Together with his wife, Madiha, Sean is leaving no stone unturned in making sure everyone gets to enjoy Just B!

We are proud to present to you: Just B.

We are a team united by a purpose: to create smart, useful products that spark joy and inspire creativity. It took a year and a half, but here we are at last!

We look forward to sharing more products with you as we continue to push the envelope with our innovative approach to makeup. We hope to make more makeup that works for all of us. Straight out of the box. This is just the beginning.


With lots of love,

Bina, Madiha and Sean

Just Belong

We know the struggle of finding products that work for South-Asian skin, and we are here to make that easier for you.

Just Beloved

You are why we do what we do. Let us know how our products worked out for you and what more you would like to see from us!

Just BFFs

Reach out to us at with any questions or just to say hi!


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